Find practical advice and tips for guests and hotels to improve their operations, enhance the guest experience and increase revenue. We cover a range of topics including marketing strategies, staff training, guest engagement and more.

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Ines Ganner

The power of influencer marketing in tourism

Influencer marketing has become an important factor in tourism marketing, as they have a significant impact on the customer journey. Their reach and trustworthiness make them the ideal partner for tourism businesses. In this article we outlined some steps you can follow for influencer marketing.

Verena Kramser

Individualisation as a factor for success

Individualisation is playing a significant role in the transformation of the hotel industry. With the increasing availability of technology and data analytics, hotels can better understand and meet the needs and wants of their guests, who increasingly value personalised experiences.

Verena Kramser

Sustainable Tourism - Guideline & Tips

Sustainable tourism is a growing concern as the effects of climate change become more apparent. This article considers the definition of sustainable tourism and ecotourism, the impact on the environment, and how to travel and operate more sustainably.

Ines Ganner

Tips to meet the megatrends

This blog article provides tips on how to meet the megatrends in tourism such as demographic change, digitalisation, sustainability, and mobility. The key is to use today's forecasts to prepare for the future and continuously engage in a dialogue with politics.

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