There are numerous solutions for hotel software on the market. It is often not easy to keep track of them all. The current blog series by NeedNect Solutions supports you in gaining an overview of the different hotel software solutions.

Overview of hotel software: New technologies

In 2015, it was still relatively easy for hotels to keep track of technology offerings. The classic property management system (PMS), a channel manager and sometimes a customer relationship management (CRM) system were considered a good basis for daily work.

In the meantime, there are numerous solutions on the market for the most diverse challenges in everyday hotel life. Numerous platforms that offer an overview of hotel technologies are also available. Protel, for example, has its own platform on which external applications can present themselves. Platforms such as Apaleo or Hotelhero also enable hotels to get an overview of the solutions.

Overview of current hotel software solutions

Do you want to invest in more solutions or get an overview? We show you five different solution categories.

Operational Software Systems

Operational software systems optimise hotel-internal processes or automate them. The focus is on increasing efficiency and optimising tasks. This category includes the best-known software solutions, such as the property management system (PMS), housekeeping software, check-in/out software and employee communication solutions. These systems form the basic framework for smooth hotel operations and usually have interfaces to other systems so that manual processes can be automated.

Distribution solutions

These solutions help you keep track of the different channels related to room sales. Among others, there is the channel manager that manages different booking portals, hotel website systems, chatbot systems that are useful for additional sales or revenue management systems that offer a flexible pricing model, for example. Depending on the size of the company, it makes sense to expand your own software range. Ask the providers also for demo versions!

Marketing Solutions

Marketing solutions help you create and automate targeted marketing initiatives. These can be email campaigns or meta searches, or even systems that give you an overview of online rating platforms. The most popular solutions are CRM systems, online reputation solutions, Google Ads Manager, upselling software or 360° Virtual Tour Systems. Depending on whether you conduct marketing in the hotel yourself or have outsourced this aspect to an external company, the addition to the existing portfolio makes sense. For example, upselling solutions can on the one hand provide your guests with good insights into your additional offers, and on the other hand, increase your turnover continuously with little effort.

Guest Experience Solutions

This refers to all tools that directly influence the guest experience. Popular solutions include guest communication solutions, chatbot systems, digital guest folders and signage, and hotel shops. The guest experience can be positively influenced in numerous ways. It is important to keep your target group in mind and choose your solutions according to your guests' preferences!

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Restaurant & Spa Solutions

Do you offer your guests numerous additional services, such as restaurant(s), leisure activities or wellness? Then you probably also know how much manual effort is behind the coordination and management of the departments. The software solutions in this category help you to optimise internal processes and get the best out of your hotel. This category contains cash register systems, spa and activity management solutions, self-service menus or reservation and table management solutions.

Your digital regular guest

You want to treat every guest as a regular and are looking for a suitable solution? NeedNect Solutions supports you with NeedNect to create the right package for your unique guest experience and for the digital regular guest. Do you have questions or need advice? Contact the NeedNect Solutions sales team!

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