In the latest episode of Check-Innovation, learn from passionate hotelier Samuel Njoroge how to turbo-charge sustainable initiatives in the hospitality sector.

It is important to see all stakeholders as partners who can become passionate advocates for sustainable initiatives. Green initiatives are crucial to maintaining a healthy environment, which is important for our entire industry!

Discover some exclusive tips on new approaches and low-barrier methods that you can quickly implement in your property.

Sam is the Quality Assurance Manager for Millennium Hotels in the Middle East and Africa. His many years of experience in the hospitality industry has taught him the importance of sustainable practices. His current role is to take the green transformation to the next level whilst maintaining a focus on the guest experience and ensuring quality remains high.

Tourists or travellers are becoming more aware of responsible travel. And it's happening right now, it's happening a lot. And you as a hotel operator or hotel owner have to be responsible about it. You have to think about the environment. Sustainability is not a Plan B, because we do not have a Planet B.

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