Elevating Efficiency & Guest Experience

In today's digital age, the hospitality industry is undergoing significant change through the integration of innovative technologies. By using this software, hotels can streamline their operations, access up-to-date guest data and contribute to a more sustainable approach in the hospitality industry.

The software serves as a comprehensive platform that every department in the hotel can access. It works seamlessly with an upright internet connection and eliminates the need for complex infrastructure. With its user-friendly interface, the software provides a platform for both guests and hotels. It also enables hotels to manage accurate and up-to-date guest data, further enhancing their ability to personalise services and meet evolving guest expectations.

Prior to implementation, it is critical to interface with the hotel's existing system through API integration. During the onboarding process, a thorough assessment of the hotel's offerings is carried out so that the software can be tailored to specific needs. Each department in the hotel is given access to the software, which provides them with relevant and filtered information to optimise their workflow. For example, the housekeeping department receives only the filtered information it needs to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. The successful implementation of this software in numerous hotels in Austria and Slovenia illustrates the positive results.

About NeedNect

We combine over 35 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry and are driven by a passion for travel, IT, and technology. We know how important satisfied guests are to the success of any hotel. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience enable us to bridge the gap between the hospitality industry, the guest and cutting-edge solutions. This case study demonstrates our commitment to bringing practical expertise to the forefront and revolutionising the way hotels operate.


By empowering every employee with this tool, the software can take the guest experience to a new level. It enables staff to provide personalised services and anticipate guests' needs to make their stay memorable and enjoyable.

Guests can access the platform in a number of ways: By booking directly through the hotel website, by checking in on site or by actively sharing their profile. These processes ensure that guests enter the system seamlessly, enabling smooth operations and improving the overall guest experience.

Challenges of our partner hotels

We know that hotels often spend a great deal of time and effort collecting guest data, resulting in outdated and fragmented information. As a result, planning and decision making is often based on estimates or occupancy, leading to inaccurate resource allocation and waste. In addition, guest preferences are sometimes unknown or unaddressed, impacting the ability to deliver exceptional experiences. Finally, internal coordination and communication between departments is often inefficient, hindering smooth operations.

The All-in-One Solution

Unleash the power of data: Elevate hotel operations with streamlined efficiency and personalised experiences.

To overcome the challenges of manual data entry and outdated guest data, our web-based software offers a comprehensive solution with digital guest profiles and centralised data management. With everything consolidated on one platform, hotels can access up-to-date guest data to make informed decisions and deliver personalised experiences.

The software facilitates data analyses, providing intelligent guidance and valuable insights for each department. This enables to streamline operations, optimise resource planning and match supply and demand. With the right data in the right place at the right time, hotels can make smart decisions and run smart operations.

Implementing the software improves internal coordination, promotes effective communication, and increases operational efficiency. This improved coordination reduces errors and enables efficient workflows.

Hotel software Dashboard

Enhancing Sustainability

NeedNect Solutions empowers hotels to achieve sustainable operations while enhancing guest satisfaction. By providing advanced resource planning capabilities, hotels optimise their resource allocation, leading to a significant reduction in food waste, increased predictability, and improved efficiency. By matching supply and demand based on accurate data, hotels are able to optimise their operations and increase revenue through tailored offers.

Empowering hotels with Demand Management

NeedNect helps the tourism industry worldwide to reduce its waste of resources. 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted or lost along the value chain every year. With NeedNect, costs can be saved, the daily hotel routine can be better planned and guest satisfaction can be increased through a unique experience.

  • Decrease waste: 60% waste is avoidable through better planning of resources.
  • Data-driven efficiency: Through comprehensive data analyses and forecasting, hotels optimise resource allocation and improve operational efficiency.
  • Energy conservation: Effective heating and air conditioning management save 6% energy per degree Celsius difference.
  • Holistic impact: Sustainable practices apply to all areas of the hotel, leading to a reduced carbon footprint and improved resource efficiency.

It all starts with the Guest

Guests have several convenient ways to join the platform, ensuring a seamless experience from the moment they decide to book their stay. Here is an overview of the four ways guests can access the platform:

  • Direct website booking
  • Booking confirmation
  • Pre-arrival mail
  • On-site check-in

How to access NeedNect

  1. Connect with us: Let's have a call
  2. Experience the Power: Get a demo version
  3. Confirmation & Contract: Securing Success
  4. Implementing Efficiency: API Integration
  5. Go live: Unleash the Power

This is how it works

Achieve new levels of efficiency, personalisation, and sustainability.

Hotels have immediate access to the platform upon guest authorisation, immediately after booking. This ensures efficient management of guest data and seamless delivery of a memorable experience throughout their stay.

Unlocking the benefits of platform integration

Enhance hotel operations and performance through seamless integration with NeedNect. Gain access to real-time data, comprehensive analyses, and reporting capabilities, empowering your establishment to thrive.

Empowerment with actionable insights

Harness the power of valuable information to drive success. NeedNect provides you with actionable insights that enable informed decision-making, operational optimisation, and the ability to deliver personalised services to your guests.

Streamlining guest preparation

Efficiently prepare each department well in advance, reducing stress peaks and enabling smoother day-to-day operations. Initiate preparations ahead of time to effectively manage resources and ensure accurate planning for every aspect of the guest experience.

Advanced platform Features

Below you will find an overview of how the platform improves your business and its features for hotels:

Confirmation emails and website plug-in

The hotel receives a unique link that can be included in the confirmation emails sent to guests. This link seamlessly integrates the guest's booking information into the platform. In addition, the hotel receives a plugin that can be installed on the website, allowing guests to create their profile directly on the hotel's website. These features enable a smooth onboarding process for guests and ensure accurate data collection.

Departmental access and web-based software

Every department in the hotel has access to the platform. The software can be accessed from a variety of devices, including tablets, PCs and smartphones. All that is required is an internet connection, so staff can conveniently access guest profiles and relevant information anytime, anywhere.

Smart decisions and sustainability

In addition to facilitating day-to-day operations, our solution provides powerful analytical capabilities. This empowers hotels to make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency, enhance the guest experience, and promote sustainability.

Export room lists and analytics

Hotels can export room lists, such as PDF documents, to facilitate distribution to staff and streamline front desk processes. In addition, the platform provides analytics that enable hotels to make intelligent decisions based on data insights. These analytics not only optimise operations, but also contribute to sustainability efforts by promoting efficient resource allocation and reducing waste.

API integration for smooth operations

API integration synchronises various functions to ensure smooth operations. For example, room numbers can be synchronised with the platform to accurately assign and manage guest accommodations. This integration eliminates manual work and reduces errors, increasing operational efficiency.

Access individual guest profiles

The platform allows each department to access individual guest profiles that are pre-filtered based on the department's specific needs. This focused view allows departments to efficiently access the information they need to deliver exceptional service and personalised experiences.

Maximise hotel success: Discover the Benefits

By using NeedNect Solutions, hotels can unlock a range of benefits that improve their operations, guest experience and environmental stewardship. Here are the key benefits of the platform:

Accurate processes and increased efficiency

The platform prepares key data and makes it available to individual departments to ensure they have clear guidelines on how to prepare for guest arrivals. This enables efficient workflows and streamlined processes throughout the hotel. Management benefits from accurate forecasting and reporting, enabling them to make informed decisions for optimal resource allocation and overall efficiency.

Up-to-date guest data for exceptional experiences

Access to up-to-date guest data serves as a simple guide for all employees, enabling them to deliver exceptional guest experiences. Departments have access to relevant guest data, preferences and requirements, enabling personalised interactions and tailored services. This level of attention increases guest satisfaction and builds lasting loyalty.

Environmental responsibility by matching supply and demand

Caring for the environment goes hand in hand with caring for guests. The platform provides detailed insights and analytics that enable hotels to effectively match supply and demand. Using these insights, hotels can optimise resource planning, minimise waste and contribute to sustainability. This alignment not only benefits the environment, but also improves the guest experience by ensuring availability and reducing operational inefficiencies.

Reach Service Excellency with NeedNect

Our vision is a fully connected and personalised future. Be part of it and create a tailored experience for every guest. Achieve true service and quality excellence.

At NeedNect Solutions, we believe that every guest deserves an exceptional experience when they stay at your hotel. NeedNect is your digital assistant to create a memorable hotel experience that will keep your guests coming back for more. It is easier than you think to act sustainably and at the same time offer your guests an unforgettable stay.

Take your guest experience to the next level and reach service excellency!

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